The Difference

Three reasons Hooked On Hoops will make you a better baller and athlete

We get results because we inspire

1 To reach ones potential the individual must first have the desire to improve and only then can progress be made. If there is not a desire to improve not there is no form of physical training that will develop results. Our approach to developing athletes is through:

  • Reinforcing intrinsic motivation.
  • Building foundations for long-term success.

Our approach to developing and maximizing potential

2Our programs are designed to maximize individual potential based on ones age or current skill level. 

Our skilled Motivators

3As players who have played and excelled at many different levels of basketball we know the work and determination that it takes to become a complete player. We pride ourselves on getting the best out of any player that we work with, no matter what their skill level is. Skill development has become a lost art, in the age of “High Exposure” camps and travel teams. While these are both important for the development of players, skill development, above everything else is most important in becoming a “Complete Player.”